Posted on July 26, 2017 6:00 am

Wed July 26 Faith with expression James 2:17-18

Everything living has Expression. Expression gives us a glimpse into the essence of what something is. Me, you, dogs, horses, cows, sheep, cats, pigs, etc…have expression. Humans and animals both have expression. Expression shows on he outside what the animal or person may be thinking or feeling. Are they angry, elated, depressed, happy, excited, defeated, joyful, or joyless?

You can tell a lot about your children, your friends, or your mate by their expression. When someone is training a horse, he/she can tell by the horse’s expression how the animal is responding. If its ears are back and they are swishing their tail and turning back to look at the one in the saddle, then we know that something is bothering the horse. You can see the horse’s Expression.
Faith is living when it has Expression. James said in 2:20, “faith without works or expression is dead”. Faith is spiritual, but must have natural expression to effect our lives in a practical way.

James goes on to say in 2:17-18 that “faith cannot be alone, but needs expression to give it life.”

James goes on to say that he has evidence of his faith by seeing it active. What kind of expression are you seeing from your faith? Is it at work in your life? Are you finding ways to serve others? Are you using it in your church, in your community, in your family? As you put your faith into action by serving God, you bring Him glory, and you get to see your faith expressed in your world. As you love and serve others, you are giving your faith expression and seeing your faith to work!