Posted on June 22, 2017 6:00 am

Thursday June 22 QWARP

I use the acronym QWARP to remind me of each of the 5 different love languages Gary Chapman introduced in his book “ The Five Love Languages”, and the many spinoffs for couples, for kids, etc.
Q stands for Quality Time. Kids who have quality time as their love languages just enjoy being with you, with eye to eye contact.

W stands for words of affirmation, and kids with this love language need to hear you say that you love them and approve of them.

A stands for acts of service, and kids with this love language, enjoy you doing projects together, and will often be under your feet while you are working.

R stands for receiving of gifts. These kids love getting presents, and a prize box for rewards will really be a hit, but they also love giving gifts, and take pride in selecting special gifts.

P stands for physical touch. These are the touchy feely kids who will be found sitting on your lap, playing with your hair and holding your hand.

When you know what your child’s love language is, you will better understand why they do what they do, and even which discipline works best for each child. So to all you parents out there, you can be a better parent as you learn about your child’s love language. It is an exceptional tool that has been so beneficial for my husband and I as we parent