Posted on June 25, 2017 6:00 am

Sunday June 25 More Joy Than Sorrow

There is nothing more wonderful in life than being a parent. The first time you see your newborn baby, it takes your breath away. And those sweet innocent baby grows up way too fast. There are joys and sorrows associated with raising children, and hopefully the joys have far outweighed the sorrows for you parents. I do know that there are a lot of hurting parents in my world who have children that have either turned their back on God, have walked away from the faith or family , or are struggling in many areas, some with drugs, some with alcohol, and some with their identity. Some have made terrible life choices and some are even serving time for crimes committed. As I finish this week of parenting topics, I want to encourage you parents never to give up on your children. We keep using our faith as parents. When we have mountains of issues to deal with, we continue to speak to those mountains. We activate our faith with our mouth, because faith is voice activated. We believe that children will come to their senses, and come home to God.

This is my prayer for you:
Father in the name of Jesus, I lift up parents who are (reading this) hearing my voice. I believe the promises in your Word that we a parents can raise a generation of kids that know You and love You. We pray that the children of the parents (reading this) listening will open their hearts to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speak individually to them. When theses parents feel like failures, I pray that you remind them that you love their children more than they ever could. We depend on You for strength, might and the ability to keep holding tightly onto the promises in Your Word. We call those things which be not as though they were, and believe that Your Word has been sent into their kids lives and it will not return void. We believe that evil strongholds and influences would loose their power over our children. I pray encouragement and blessing around these parents and we believe the lost will be found, the prodigal will come home, and freedom will come to their children who have been held captive by the enemy, in Jesus Name, AMEN.