Posted on June 18, 2017 10:00 am

Sunday June 18th Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day! Because I am so blessed to have had a great dad, and to be married to a man who is an awesome dad to our children, and to serve a God who is the best Father of all, Father’s Day is always a special day to celebrate. So today I’m going encourage you to celebrate Fatherhood. For those whose dads have passed away, or those who don’t know their fathers, Father’s day can be very hard….so, first some fun quotes.

*A definition of fatherhood: A man who carries photographs where his money used to be.
*A proverb: The best and most important thing a dad can do for his kids is to adore their mother.
*Never heard by a dad at his deathbed: Gee I wish I’d spent more time at my job.
*One day a young mother and her kindergarten age son were driving down the street. The inquisitive little boy asked, “Why do the idiots only come out when Daddy drives?”

It is true that kids are costly, time consuming and they remember everything you do and say. It is also true that kids need to see love demonstrated and that they don’t become what you tell them to become, but they become who you are. (Yikes!) Great dads are not perfect, but they do know that the time they spend with their kids is an investment that pays the biggest dividends. They also know that their example is what their kids will follow. They are aware that their habits will likely become their child’s habits and that applies to vices as well. The way your kids see you treat others is probably how they will treat others too. You get to chose what kind of Dad you want your sons will become!

So on this Father’s Day, my prayer for all the dads and future fathers is this: Father in Heaven, we come to you in Jesus name, thanking you for dads that have Your heart. We pray that their hearts would be soft toward You and their children. We pray for their children to be blessed with a dad that knows, loves, and serves You. We thank you for dads that are men of their word, and men who stand for the truth and what is right, and set a godly example for their kids. We pray for protection for their minds, and believe that they will keep their hearts stayed on You. Thank you for wisdom as they raise their children in the admonition of the Lord. We ask you to especially bless them on this day that we honor them for their commitment and sacrifices for their families. We pray that You give them the desires of their hearts. In Jesus Name, AMEN!