Posted on June 19, 2017 6:00 am

Monday June 19 Parenting INFO

Monday June 19
I believe that as parents we are shaping the next generation and raising kids is a privilege and a reward from the Lord. Hi, this is Dorette Schaal with your dailyeword. I had the wonderful opportunity to do a workshop on parenting soon after we adopted our son Carson who was 2 ½ years old. It is really funny how God sets us up sometimes. With a new little boy in our home, I’m not sure there ever had been a time when I have felt less confident as a parent. Everything was all new, and boys are certainly a whole different species after parenting 4 girls! But we took on the challenge of parenting a son, and I was more than happy to talk about Practical Parenting – Mission Possible. I hope the thoughts this week empower you to be a better parent. Here is your dailyeword.

Just like most things, being a good parent involves natural things as well as spiritual things. We’ll talk about the natural side of parenting first. You would probably guess that I am a reader, and have read more parenting books than you can imagine. These principles are from the best book of all, the Bible, and 3 others great books by really exceptional Christian authors. Here are these 4 natural things that are a great resource when it comes to parenting God’s way. They are areas of understanding that have made parenting much easier.
1) Understanding motivational gifts (from Rom 12: 6-9),
2) Understanding personality type – lion, beaver, otter and golden retriever (from the book by Gary Smalley and John Trent),
3) Understanding Love Languages (from a book by Gary Chapman), and
4) Understanding birth order (from a book by Kevin Leman).
These natural tools have helped my husband and I tremendously in understanding our kids temperaments, characteristics and individual mannerisms. I will break these natural things down day by day this week, and then finish the week talking about spiritual keys that help to produce kids that love God, love His presence, and have a passion for reaching the world. As Christian parents, that’s what we strive for….producing kids to change the world.