Posted on August 7, 2017 6:00 am

Monday Aug 7 God Thoughts

This week I am encouraging you in the area of renewing our mind Our soul (which is our mind, will and emotions). Hi this is Dorette with your dailyeword. Our mind needs to be renewed day by day by making our thoughts obedient to Christ. Our body needs to be brought into obedience to do God’s will by daily making choices to do what is right. Both our soul and our body are controlled by thoughts which turn to actions. So this week, we’re talking getting our thoughts to line up with God’s thoughts. Right thoughts lead to right words, and right words change your actions, which can change your life. Here’s your dailyeword!

Mental fitness, or getting our thoughts to line up with the Spirit of God, can seem like a challenge. Renewing our mind is a daily thing. Each day we choose what we put into our bodies for food, sometimes it is good and sometimes it is way bad! What happens over the long haul in our body is that what goes in does affect not only our appearance, but our health. Because we don’t see our thought life, it seems like it is easier to let things slide. We can be thinking thoughts that are very contrary to what God thinks about us, and can do it day upon day, week upon week, year upon year without realizing that damage is taking place. But damage is happening. So stop the damage today and make a change.

Thoughts can lead to imaginations and strongholds as it talks about in II Corinthians 10:4-6. Thoughts are much easier to deal with than strongholds. So nip wrong thoughts in the bud. Don’t let them hang around even for a minute. Take control of your thought life by capturing the wrong thought and replacing it with a God thought. Let me show you how it works. I’m make it really general so you can put whatever you might be struggling with in the blank to make it personal. When you start thinking this way:
I will never overcome my habit of ______________
Every time I’ve tried before and I have failed
It’s impossible, I don’t have enough will power
I will never break through this barrier to success
My life will always be this way, I’ll always be defeated
Turn those thoughts around immediately, and begin filling your mind with these “God” thoughts:
I am well able to overcome the habit of __________
This time, I have the strength of God on my side
Nothing is impossible with God, He gives me strength
Jesus broke down every wall, I will break through this wall.
My life will be forever changed, I’m more than a conqueror
As you begin to say what God says about you, strength and power will be released into your life, because of the power there is in lining your thoughts up with God’s thoughts. It will affect how you speak, and then how you live! That’s encouraging!