Saturday 18 A Noun and a Verb

This is the week when we have celebrated romantic love. It’s it amazing that we use the same word in so many different ways. You can love chocolate ice cream, love you bike, love your I Phone, love pizza and you love your parents. We also use that same word when we talk about God. We love God. God loves us. God is Love (I John 4:16). You can see that not only is love a noun, it is also a verb. (I bet you noticed that!) Because love is a noun, it is something that we want to attain. But because love is a verb, it is an action word. That means that if you really love someone, you get to prove it by your actions. (That can definitely be taken the wrong way, because a carnal person can say if you love me, you will do this or that for me, and it may be something that you know is wrong, or don’t want to do. But in the right context, it is totally godly.) If you love your mom, you will tell her, but you’ll also show her by how you act. If you want to show love to your friends (phileo love is friendship love), you can be kind, and not talk behind their back, and make a choice to help them and encourage them . If you love God, you will obey His commandments (I John 5:3). If you need a reminder of what God’s Commandment’s are, they are really simply summed up in two things and encompass all of life. Love God with all your heart, mind and strength, and love your neighbor (everybody else) as yourself. So remember to love God with all you are, and love someone around you through your actions!

Friday 17 Love and Forgiveness

Here is a hard question. Is there enough evidence to convict you? Most of the time, those wouldn’t be very good words to hear. In this instance, I’m wondering if there is enough proof in your life to prove you are a true disciple of Jesus Christ? Can the world see the love of God in you? I hope you haven’t ever been in a real trial where you had to find evidence to prove your innocence. It sounds like God is looking for the opposite kind of evidence in John 13:35. He wants to see something in you, worthy of “convicting” you of being a Christian. The evidence He is looking for is His very own love demonstrated through you. All this week we are talking about love, and it is a huge issue to God. Not only is He the essence of Love, He asks us to walk in love, abound in love, be fervent in love, manifest self-sacrificing love, and love Him and our neighbor like we love ourselves. It sounds like a big task, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Just let the love that He’s shed abroad in your heart, shine through you, and love one another. Love is more than the ooey, gooey, warm and cozy, syrupy sweet , whipped cream topped concoction that we see in some chick flick. God’s love is sincere and deep, and it comes from the heart as it says in I John 4:7. One of the most wonderful things about love is that it gives us the power to say we’re sorry when we are wrong, and gives us the ability to forgive those who have wronged us. Walking in forgiveness and saying we’re sorry isn’t easy when we are operating in the flesh. (Just look at how often “Committed relationships” dissolve after a short matter of time.) But if we follow the way of love, and walk in the Spirit, we won’t fulfill our fleshly desires, and we will do what is right. We can make lasting, sincere, deep commitments that will stand the test of time. We can say we are sorry, and we can learn to forgive. And we can do that, because we have known the love and forgiveness of Christ.

Thursday Feb 16 A Conduit of Love

Today, I want to direct my words toward those who are married. Are you as emotionally connected as you would like to be to your spouse? I know there are plenty of good marriages out there, where both mates feel loved, supported and valued. I also know that there are plenty of struggling marriages where the opposite is true. There are questions of how long you will last together, were you right for each other to begin with, and can you face another day of the pain and struggle? If you are in the second category, there is hope for a better marriage, and for those who already have a good one, it can become great. I John 4 is a beautiful chapter expressing God’s love and giving the reason that God loves us…. that we might live (an abundant life) through Him (vs 9). When we live through Him, we can love like He loves, and that is when His love is perfected in us (vs 12). His Spirit in us is evidence of His perfect love dwelling in us! Our love is made perfect when we walk in boldness demonstrating God’s love, by being and living like Him in this world (vs17). We can be a conduit of God’s love to our spouse! Love is the complete fulfillment of the Law of God. Romans 13:8 tells us that we will fulfill the law by loving our fellow man and our spouses if we are married. As we clothe ourselves in Christ, we are fulfilling the law of love, and letting love be perfected in us. Are you letting love have it’s perfect work? Today, you can! Demonstrate the love of God to your mate! You can reflect God’s life-giving, loving nature through your words and actions. You’ve heard it said that faith without works is dead. The same can be said for love, love without corresponding action is empty. We can, through our words and deeds, obey the command of Christ to walk in love. Show some love to your spouse today!

Wed Feb 15 Love Serves

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son that who so ever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. We become part of God’s family by accepting Jesus as our personal Savior. Then we choose daily to lay down our own life down in obedience to Him. It is an interesting word study to just look up all the scriptures that talk about love, and read them one after another. Here are some of them:
We get a deposit of God’s love on the inside of us (Rom 5:5)
The love of God is abounding to us (I Thes 3:12),
It is sincere (Rom 12:9),
It is unselfish (Matt 22:39),
It is impartial (Deut 10:19),
It is fervent (I Peter 1:22),
It is compelling (2 Cor 5:14),
It is divine (John 15:9),
It is self – sacrificing (John 15:13)
and it is sacrificial (Gal 2:20)
All of God’s love is deposited into our spirit!
That is just a short list of the adjectives that describe the love of God. And that is just a short list of the attributes of love that can (and should) be found in us. So even after Valentine’s Day is over, make these adjectives the way you love others. While talking about parts of speech, it really is important to remember that love is A VERB. Love is more than just a feeling, more than just words. Love is an action. If we really love, we serve. God’s love on the inside of us is there just for that, service. Whether we are in a relationship or just being neighborly, God’s love in us compels us to serve others. What is so great about serving others is that it not only helps them, it helps us too! So what kind of love are you showing those around you? Are you loving others sacrificially and sincerely? Then the natural result is service! Let’s love enough to serve others!

Tuesday 14 Happy Valentines Day!

Love is seeing others as valuable and precious. How often do we hear those words, you are valuable and precious to me? I hope you know that God values you and thinks you are wonderful! I hope you know today that God does have a wonderful plan for your life, and it is all because He loves you. The new commandment that God gave for us to follow is that we love Him with all of our heart, and that we love our neighbors too – Matt 22:38-39. The Bible states that all of the 10 commandments are wrapped up in those two. I’ve said it before like this, the New Two “trump” the Big Ten! It is important that we know we are loved, because then we can love others. As believers, our life should revolve around Christ. A Christian is a Christ like one, and Christ should be the center of our existence, our most important Counselor, and the One we depend on in all circumstances. I hope during this week when romantic love is celebrated, that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God loves you! His love really is unmeasurable, because His love has no end. He has placed His love in you, so that you can not only know his love, but you can love Him back, and show your love to others everyday, in every way! Greater love has no man than this, that He lay down His life for His friends. That scripture is from John 15:13 and really is proof of God’s great love for us. Jesus laid His life down as a seed so that we could be a part of the harvest. He was crucified and buried, laying His life down, so that we could know Him. Not as a distant acquaintance, but as a close intimate friend. He calls us His friends, not servants or subjects, but the very friends of God. The love God has for us is the greatest love that the world has ever known.

Monday Feb 13 Love Lavishly

This is the time of year we celebrate romantic love. Hi, this is Dorette Schaal with your dailyeword. I am amazed by how many scriptures there are that talk about the subject of love. In the concordance in the back of my Bible, it has pages and pages of scriptures about love. That would seem fitting, since God not only loves us immeasurably, but He IS Love (I John 4:16)! What an amazing concept. This week let’s find out what the Bible says about love. Here is your dailyeword.

The love chapter in I Corinthians 13 is often read at weddings and we smile and say how sweet it is. We think that those who have fresh romantic love, they’ll do all those things, but us old married folks sometimes get a little cynical. We shouldn’t!!!! (Lynn and I have been married since April of 1982. I guess we are now old married folks!) Those same descriptions of love should be how we treat our mates on a daily basis. Here’s a reminder from I Cor 13:4-8 of the kind of ways we show love to them…..
by operating in patience,
by being kind,
by not being proud, boastful or envious
By not being rude,
By not being self seeking (or selfish),
by not being easily angered,
and not keeping a list of wrongs.
by not being happy when evil happens to others,
but rejoicing when truth prevails.
We protect, trust, hope and persevere for those we love. When we act that way, love will never fail. Love is not just something that we say, it really is something that we do. There is a great song with that same title….Something That We Do…. By Clint Black and Skip Ewing. Here are some of the lyrics.
Love isn’t something that we find…
it’s something that we do.
It’s holding tight, and letting go,
it’s flying high and laying low,
let your strongest feelings show and your weakness too,
it’s a little and a lot to ask, an endless and a welcome task,
love isn’t something that we have, it’s something that we do.
There’s so much to look back on now, still it feels brand new,
we’re on a road that has no end, and each day we begin again,
loves not just something that we’re in, it’s something that we do.
We give ourselves, we give our all,
love isn’t someplace that we fall, it’s something that we do.
What a great truth, if you love God, you will do something – (I John 3:18).Well, if love is in the air for you today, why don’t you do something about it! And then try to do something about it, every day of the year. Love lavishly!

Sunday Feb12 A Life of Peace and Rest

Do you know that your thought life can affect your heart? I hope you have been reminded how important it is to think thoughts that line up with God’s Word. We have to capture thoughts immediately that are against what God’s plan is for our lives. The Bible says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” That’s in Proverbs 23:7, and it shows that our thought life can affect your heart. What we think about, often becomes who we are. What we think about is what we begin to talk about, and what we talk about is what we begin to do. The progression goes from thought, to words, to action. What is very cool about the power that God has given us, is that we can use that positively for our good. The enemy always perverts what God created. The enemy tries to destroy our lives, often by our own words, that are a result of negative thoughts that become planted in our mind. The power of life and death is in our tongue. Power for life then in is taking our thoughts and aligning them with God’s thoughts. That’s the renewal process, or making good our mind, which leads to speaking God’s thoughts, and then seeing them manifest in our life. I really want you to learn to control your thought life, because it is easy just to go down the negative path. Don’t let random, ungodly or negative thoughts settle in your mind. Determine to capture them immediately. Let your thoughts become positive words that bless your life and those around you. Remember, our tongue has the power of life and death. As the Bible says, “He who keeps his tongue, keeps his life”. To keep your tongue, you need to keep your thoughts. So my encouraging word for you is to center your mind on things above. Instead of being carnally or worldly minded, which leads to death, be spiritually minded with your mind centered and focused on Christ, and live a life of peace and rest.

Saturday Feb 11 What God Thinks About You

One of my favorite things to do is to encourage people with specific scriptures that pertain to their situation. As a teenager, when I was first exposed to the full gospel message, I heard a lady from the pulpit give someone a specific scripture in a church service. It was like a word of knowledge just for a certain person or a group of people in the congregation. I can remember thinking I wanted to be able to do that. Well, guess what? If we hide God’s Word in our heart, God will bring His Word to our remembrance when we need the. You can encourage someone with the very words of God. It doesn’t even have to be super-spiritual! Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth will speak, so what you put in, is what will come out. Let me give you an example. My second daughter was once studying for a major scholastic exam. She called me discouraged that she might not do well, and right away, God’s Word started rising up in my heart. I started reminding her about what God’s Word says about her.
It says, that she has the mind of Christ.
It says, that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her.
It says, that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
It says, that He will bring back to her remembrance all the things that she has learned.
It says, that she hasn’t been given a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.
It says, that the diligent will prosper.
It says, that she is more than a conqueror, and that God will give her the desires of her heart.
So in a few simple moments, she went from being a little fearful, to being encouraged. What we think about really matters. If we continue to focus on the negative, we will get what we expect. The Bible says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Or as a woman thinks in her heart, so is she. So what do you choose to think about? Let’s think God’s thoughts about our life, and encourage someone else with what God thinks about them.

Friday Feb 10 Set the Trap

II Cor 10:3-5 are 3 scriptures that are so powerful when understanding what we have to do with our thought life. There is a progression that takes place in this scripture. See if you can notice what it is. “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty through God, to the pulling down of strong holds. Casting down every imagination and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. The progression is this, thoughts turn into imaginations, and imaginations can become strongholds. The key to having a healthy thought life is to deal with issues when they are in the thought stage. Since we can’t keep thoughts from coming, the moment they enter our mind is the moment we have to deal with them. If we entertain them for a while, they can move from a random thought into something we imagine ourselves doing. It goes from black and white to a full color wide screen! Sin can actually be conceived when at that point. Verse three is such a big key in understanding how we deal with what is going on in our mind. It is where the biggest battle takes place for most Christians, and as verse 3 of II Corinthians 10 says, even though we are flesh, we don’t fight with weapons of flesh….our weapons are mighty in God. He has given us keys and tools to overcome, and we must choose to operate in them to live in the victory that Jesus purchased for us. We begin by taking every thought captive. That means we can’t be lackadaisical about what we think about. We have to have a purpose driven thought life. Just like we wouldn’t allow a mouse to run through our house, we would set up a trap and get that varmint out of there. We need to do the same with our mind. When even a small negative thought comes through, set up a trap, get it out of there. And do it right away. Capture that thought, so it won’t move on to the next stage of imagination or become a stronghold.

Thursday Feb 9 Make Your Mind Good

Renew your mind is what Romans 12:2 tells us to do. One of the synonyms for renew is to “make good”. I like the thought of “making good” your mind. There are lots of ways that thoughts come to our mind. There can be “out of the blue” thoughts, “something triggers your mind” thoughts, even smells and sights can bring up thoughts in your mind. Recognizing where thoughts come from is one of the most pivotal ingredients to making our mind good. Obviously there are two forces in the world, one good from God and one that is evil from the enemy. So there are God thoughts, and there are thoughts inspired by the enemy. So, when a thought from the enemy settles in your mind, you can make it good, by removing it, and renewing your mind to what God’s Word says. We take the wrong thought out and replace it with the right thought, in other words, take out the old thought and replace it with a new thought. We take out the bad thought, and “make it good”. One of the key words in Romans 12: 2 is the word transformed. In Greek it is metamorpho, which is the root word for metamorphosis. We think of caterpillars to butterflies. One thing becomes something totally different. What was once on a lower level, now takes wings and flies! The same thing can happen with our thoughts. We can choose to think on a higher plane. We take a lower thought, and replace it with a higher thought! Romans 8:6 says that to be carnally minded (or earthly minded) is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. To think on those things which keep our hearts and minds on Christ Jesus, we “make good” or renew our mind to His Word.